Also shop in Also shop in. Steve Rawlinson 2 years ago. It was solid through impact and gave the ball a good penetrating flight, but it did not do anything else my current driver can’t do. It would be interesting to see how much change is attributed to the head and how much to the shaft. I live on a course, so get to hit driver frequently. Dunny Budgie 2 years ago.

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Chris Bourquin 2 years ago.

TaylorMade R7 Superquad Driver

Got it free at The London Golfshow Just finding what works for you and you are comfortable with is more important than dropping huge coin on all the newest equipment in the market. Thank you Taylormade I recently purchased and had custom fitted one of your new weapons from a new and exciting custom fitting centre in my home town of Wallasey, Planet Golf Case in point I had the black SuperQuad with a nice aftermarket shaft and was putting them out there nicely!

Finally, how many people buy a driver just so they can show up on the first tee of a new golf season sporting something shiny and new in their hands? Yet the article opens with an obvious factor in what club you choose: How many new versions has TM introduced over that 10 year period, and what were the total yardage improvements claimed by the Marketing Department?? I was surprised that the ball speed was as close after all those years.


All new head technology, carbon fiber shafts, etc. Zachary Andrew 2 years ago.

Yes there is a change! A club with that much damage is unfixable.

Even rpm results in only 2 more yards loss Certainly interesting to dig a little big deeper. One amazing feature of the M1 d7 the way you can cut spin by moving the weight forward. Fast forward 10 years and TaylorMade has evolved driver adjustability from plugs to an advanced system containing not one, but a two track movable weights.

Ok found an Callaway ft3 head. With the Accra shaft, it is also more forgiving and accurate. It would certainly point taulor in the right direction for my person testing. Christopher Holman 2 years ago.

TaylorMade Mens R7 Quad TP Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 30 reviews –

Horses for courses I suppose. Carolina Golfer 2 2 years ago. Shafts 10 years ago do not perform as well as shafts of today. It just comes down to if you have this old driver in your bag vs buying a new one…. Item has been heavily used and shows signs of abuse.

Last Drivers  GT S7500 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Would be interesting to see the difference with ball vs ball with Superquad, vs ball vs ball vs M1. I tested it for myself in sim and it proved out unequivocally….

We take actual images of the item you are buying! So, innovation may not have made leaps and bounds, but manufacturing technology has got much better over the last 10 years.

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

What to do with all their inventory. Tony, Adam, you got to talk to my kid. Overall they all came out in the wash about even. Club won’t win a beauty contest, but will get the job done!

Steve Rawlinson 2 years mde.