The vendor did “refurbish” the unit–he installed a new screen, not a new battery, though. You sacrifice a certain amount of battery life for the storage capacity you get. The Lifedrive, however, is the first PalmOS based model designed with a hard drive, as well as being the first mainstream model in the U. Certainly, replacing the unit’s microdrive with a compact flash card wasn’t included. See all 2 pre-owned listings. It lacked many of the features I needed for my work so I went on ebay and found another one.

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The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. Visit our network of sites: Not exactly speedy, but presumably most people would load the LD with their files and then leave them there.

Show More Show Less. Giv en capability to change screen orientation to “landscape,” journaling with this is nice.

Palm LifeDrive Specs – CNET

Unfortunately, PalmOne has chosen to keep the same implementation litedrive Drive Mode as is used in the T5. The Lifedrive will then carry on as it was, cheerfully oblivious to any tappings or clickings. Though the device itself is rectangular, the back side is curved enough to make holding it more comfortable than would be immediately apparent.

Palm OS 6, a. Looking down from the top, we see the stylus, SDIO slot, and power switch.


PalmOne LifeDrive Review

Handmark still offers some apps for Palm, though. Put side by side with my Axim X50v, the Lifedrive holds a slightly weaker signal than the Axim, which in turn lifedrvie a slightly weaker signal than I would like.

Created by PalmOne, this mobile manager lets you store and share media files and documents, access email accounts, lifevrive the Internet, view photos, and play music. It will also flash for alarms if the device is set to silent mode. Psion Series 5mx 3.

lufedrive However, I think we have to be honest with ourselves. Besides being the first Palm device with a hard drive, the LifeDrive introduced other features that were new to Palm devices, such as a three-position power switch on, off, keylockand a dedicated screen rotation button. The new color scheme suffers somewhat in comparison to the old.

Palm LifeDrive Mobile Manager – Garnet 5.4 416 MHz

Whoever chose that quasi-music that you pre-load onto the Lifedrive needs to be beaten about the head with a sturdy implement. The case’s hinged door becomes easier to manage over time–given that the door’s small locking tab wears out somewhat. List of Palm devices. But the performance hit in both speed and battery life is disappointing. With that option, and the storage of the LD, it would be a natural combination.


It uses a stylus–using a finger proves possible–to a limited extent. To support its power hungry microdrive and WiFi radio, the Lifedrive packs in a milliamp-hour battery. Likewise, powering down is no longer an instantaneous operation.

The power slider is fairly straightforward. If you decide to get SDHC enabled thus, don’t password-protect your Lifedrive–nor, any other Palm eligible for such lifedrrive. And changed it has not been.

A certain percentage of them will die, either from defect or incidental damage.

But in the interim, the Lifedrive packs in a lot, even if I wish it were cheaper. The Lifedrive runs on Palm OS 5.

Even from a standing start, with the microdrive not running, it only took a few seconds to bring up a new article, and almost no time after that. The mobile manager has a high display resolution of by for clear, sharp images and supports 65, colors for enhanced viewing.

However, frequent random access—caused either by someone with a penchant for continually hitting the skip button on their playlist, or by accessing small files like Word documents, business files, and databases—will keep the drive spinning more often, and cause greater battery drain.