Nikon LS Scanner. The new SilverFast 64bit HDRi RAW data format contains any recognizable image information – including the infrared channel’s data for later image optimization. It offers excellent control in the prescan dialog, with individual adjustments available via curves in each color channel. We’ll step through the various operations in roughly the order one would encounter them during normal scanning. Unless specifically described to the contrary, most of the LS and LS scanners listed on eBay and elsewhere can be expected to be in this condition.

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EZ-Print Page In response to reader requests, we now provide copies of all reviews stripped of all their formatting, nnikon facilitate printing. If you have other SCSI devices on your computer, you’ll probably need some sort of adapter cable to chain from the LS to the other units. Whether you are a beginning amateur astrophotographer, or a seasoned veteran, you will learn new and exciting techniques.

When all have been selected, click scan to proceed. Normal Operating Sequence As we step through the myriad functions of the various control panels and interface screens, it would be easy to get lost in a maze of features, and end up with little actual idea of ls20000 the scanner and software actually work.

Once you have scanned in several images, close the Nikon L2000 window and turn your attention to the images. Nikon LS slide scanner A high quality machine that produces high resolution digitized images from transparencies.

Nikon LS-2000 APML Scanner Test

The LEDs have very well-controlled light characteristics, and aren’t subject to the fading of conventional color filter materials. Instead, Nikon took several different approaches to improving performance for high-density subjects. Although the Nikon scanners all give excellent scans of daytime subjects, they are lls2000 difficult to use because the “auto-exposure” cannot be turned off in the prescan, and like a normal camera set to auto-exposure that cannot handle a white cat against a blank black wall, neither nlkon these scanners handle starfields when set to auto.

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Overall though, once we’d ventured up this learning curve ourselves, we found the LS quite straightforward to operate. At 12 bits per channel, the LS is at the top of the field, but stretches even this specification with an option to average multiple measurements of each pixel, up to 16x.

Dusting off the film before scanning using air, cloth and brushes. I create a preview, which I use to manually adjust levels and colors.

In normal use, we doubt you’d ever encounter a negative as badly damaged as this one was. Unless specifically described to niko contrary, most of the LS and LS scanners listed on eBay and elsewhere can be expected to be in this condition.

Nikon LS APML Scanner Test

Stay with us, we’ll try to fit it all in! It also tells you on how to process your images in Photoshop, with step-by-step directions that will produce beautiful results. Most users not taking advantage of the automatic slide feeder attachment see further discussion below will likely operate the unit standing upright, in which case it takes up about as much desktop real estate as a thick book.

For those unfamiliar with the SCSI interface, this is a high-speed connection originally developed for hard drives, but now utilized by various scanners and even some high-end digital cameras. Multi-sample scanning – Also described earlier, this option allows you to select 1, 4, or 16 samples per pixel. If you turn this option off, the scanner will repeat the preview scan every time you zoom back out. Ai IT8 Nikpn 6. The shadow detail in the sky background is noticeably less noisy and smoother.


If you want nion see a completely ni,on scan for yourself, click the Prescan button. If we had a calibrated monitor system though, and were working in a production environment, we almost certainly would have used ICC profiling for all our work. By giving the application more data to work with, fairly radical tonal shifts can be made, without the severe “posterizing” of the image that can occur with 8-bit data. This is not to say that we lls2000 spend a lot of time tweaking the scanner controls nikonn re-scanning to achieve the final result!

When this button is clicked, the window at right appears. Subscribe to Product News. The “auto” button seems to do a pretty fair job of setting highlight, shadow, and gamma values, but we usually found ourselves manipulating the controls manually, to achieve best results. This will select multiple thumbnails la2000 de-selecting those you’ve already chosen.

To focus manually, you adjust the slider on this nikoj, then observe the results in the preview window. The tools for automatic corrections are working properly and contribute to better imaging results.

Because the noise is random from one measurement to another, its effect tends to average-out over large numbers of measurements. And in terms of the number of words and pictures we’ll need here to describe it all to you.