Benchmarks are prettymuch useless these days find out what games you want to play and find out what plays better on them. Hey guys, go vote! What games are you trying to play at this moment? Wider buses are better because more info can get through them on a single clock cycle. Mon May 24,

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You will also probably want to get pc since the price is similar to pc Dec 2, Posts: Shaggy Ars Centurion Registered: Anyway, as for recomendations, look around this forum, especially at the thread that’s stickied at the top. Feb 17, Posts: So the questions are: PC runs at Mhz and PC ,x440 at Mhz, but you can run pc at PC speeds with no problem, so just get the faster stuff if the price is similar.

On the video card. Thank you very much for the info.

nVidia GeForce MX Specs – CNET

The GeForce4 Ti 8X reference card looks very much mmx440 the original card They have, however, bumped up the stock memory speed. The GF4 Tiof course, is a true DirectX 8-class chip with dual vertex shaders and real pixel shaders.


What about the additional clock speed? Hey guys, go vote!

Wed May 26, 5: The specs say my card has: I’d expect many of the retail cards to arrive with active cooling in order to appeal to overclockers, but the MX does indeed work without a fan. Jul 29, Posts: You just have to keep your settings low Wed May 26, Then you won’t have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. The GeForce4 MX has two pixel pipelines and a transform and lighting unit essentially unchanged from the GeForce2, but it packs a revamped memory interface, improved antialiasing, and reworked video- and display-oriented bits and pieces.

Regarding your bits question: Who is going to install this stuff for you? Wed May 26, 9: Keep reading to find out. About how much do you want to spend?


So it’s very important to your overall performance. What does the move to AGP 8X get you? DancinJack Hey guys, go vote!


I have Dell Dimension P4 2. For a good gaming system, you’ll want both another mb stick of RAM and a better graphics card, although it’s hard to say what’s more important. Samsung shows off Infinity Flex foldable smartphone display.

GeForce4 MX |GeForce MX

So the new rev of the MX should be a little faster than the last one, especially when it comes to running apps fluidly at higher resolutions. THanks for the help. I figure if i buy a card with more ram this might be a good way to icrease memory and avoid the possibility of buying junk RAM. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Corsair Vengeance gaming PC sets sail.