Installation Quick Installation Table This chapter explains how to successfully install the mainboard into a computer case and build a working system. Function Jumper Setting Normal operation We strongly recommend that you do not overclock the mainboard to run processors or other components faster than their rated speed. Disabled Enable this item to allow the system to be resumed from a software powerdown or a power-saving mode by a keystroke on the keyboard. Disabled This item can be used to reserve memory space for some ISA expan- sion cards that require it. This item lets you install a software power down that is controlled by the normal power button on your system. When disabled, a write buffer is not used and the CPU read cycle will not be completed until the PCI bus signals that it is ready to receive the data.

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This device may not cause harmful interference, and! Other product names used ms7127 this manual are the properties of their respective owners and are acknowledged. Linux Installation Refer to your operating system handbook for instructions on installing Linux drivers.

Matsonic MSC Audio / Sound driver – Matsonic Audio / Sound Windows XP Drivers –

Installation Quick Installation Table This chapter explains how to successfully install the mainboard into a computer case and build a working system. Ensure too that you are installing the mainboard into a suitable case.

Load Fail-safe Defaults Option For example, if you have a processor that is rated to run at MHz and the system is running a frontside bus frequency of MHz, you should select a multiplier of 4.


Never try to install software from a folder that is not specified for use with your mainboard. TXT, or something similar. If your system is not functioning correctly, try installing the fail-safe defaults as a first step in souund your system working properly again. However, we recommend that you read this chapter just in case you need to make any changes in the future. Installing a Floppy Diskette Drive The mainboard has a floppy diskette drive interface and it ships with a diskette drive ribbon cable that supports one or two floppy sounc drives.

Features The key features of this mainboard are the wide range of processors that can be installed, soud the high level of integration.

Make sure that you have the pin-1 side of the cable matched with the pin-1 side of the connector.

The first time you start the system, immediately enter the setup system and make the appropriate settings. Select Wake Up Events and press Enter to display the following menu: When the system is turned back on, the system is configured with the values found in CMOS.

Displays mx7127c screen that explains all key functions F5 F5 key: This illustration shows the same 3-pin jumper. Normal This item defines how the system handles legacy software that was written for an earlier generation of processors. Enabled This option enables the onboard floppy disk drive controller.

To install a password, follow these steps: The integrated super IO controller supports two serial ports, an IR port, parallel port, and slund disk controller functions.


MATSONIC MS7127C User Manual

The fail-safe defaults place no great demands on the system and are generally skund. Enter text from picture: After you have connected the power supply and the cooling fans, connect the case switches and indicators to the PANEL1 connectors.

Identify the pin-1 corner on the CPU socket and the pin-1 corner on the processor. By default, two-wait states are used by the system, allowing for greater stability. Advanced Chipset Features Option This option displays a table of items that md7127c critical timing parameters of the mainboard components including the memory, and the system logic. The password dialog box appears. Off When set to On, the system power will resume the system from a power saving mode if there is any VGA activity.

Boot Other Device Default: Enabled Some new processors are installed with a unique processor number. Further, the manufacturer ,s7127c the sond to. Optimized Defaults Shutdown Temperature Enables you to set the maximum temperature the system can reach before powering down. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

In addition, software that is specifically intended for one kind of mainboard is stored in a folder with the name of that board.