I have gone through the scant troubleshooting on the ATI website with no help. I uninstalled all the ATI stuff with the uninstaller, rebooted in Safe Mode to make sure that all drivers are unloaded and deleted all other files with Driver Cleaner PE and double-checked in the System32 directory that all ati files have been deleted. Your client system configuration page shows the server? As it can be seen from the title, I can confirm MMC 9. Oh, yes, if anyone managed to get it to record MPEG-4, let us know. Jul 5, Messages:

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The documentation isn’t clear about that, it’s told that you can plug a VCR or Camcorder I have nVidia and can still install MMC9.

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On fast scenes I have some massive “ghosting”. I can’t understand how ATI may have brought out such pieces of faulty software do the guys there even tested it before? This is something we TPRO users have been waiting for almost a year now, so it’s an understatement when I mkc how pleased this makes me feel. Oct 9, Messages: Simply running an uninstall is usually not sufficient.


I only meant the link in his post, not the file itself ; shhhhhhhh. I realize mmc original thread is pretty old but it has been added to and revived a couple times. No way to confirm it definately.

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I did that this way: Router Set Up – Client Filtering Ip address range, place in there what your range of network addresses are I went to configuration under the start menu in the ati software. Many thanks in advance. The time now is I gave up on mmx and re-captured a few of those recordings the hard way. Retail tapes in pristine condition usually have a better ending if you can learn to ignore the way digital encoders see analog noise as worse than it was in its original form.

Oh, yes, if anyone managed to get it to record MPEG-4, let us know. Some are satisfied with what you’re likely to get, many are not.

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But it’s not available as a download. Also I do not see anything special running when I use the Task Manager. The world of bittorrents has it and until the last person stops seeding it, it will live.

File and Printer Sharing b. So some time in the next two months, three if you include this one.

I hope this helps, let me know if it did. What special about 9.

The workaround may receive additional testing. At this point in time, it’s useless bloat and was never all that great to begin with. Microsoft Management Console C: I have downloade and installed mmc 9.

BTW, how’s that Theater working? I followed Ati recommendation and then added to it to get everything working. Do you already have an account?

You may want to take that down though Not a sniff of it yet