Extract the downloaded files to an easily accessed location. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. As described in the procedure below, the system admin can add, replace, or remove JDBC drivers through the user interface, without needing to restart the server. The installer is pre-configured to run with the PostgreSQL database. For more information, see:

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Click Upload to replace the existing driver and make it available immediately.

Downloading JDBC Drivers

If the password is empty, it is better if you specify that it be saved. Configuring Microsoft SQL Poostgresql involves many things and enumerating all possible source of issue would be too long to be described here and generally unrelated with JasperReports.

Now when I upload it to the jasperServer I get the following error: Create New Wiki Page. JasperReports Server requires a database. However, it is important that you only put one driver jar file in this folder. Right click on the folder jdbf in the repository view and from the context menu select called Add Resource and then click on Data Source.

Parameters are not correct for the connection database is not found, the username or password is wrong, etc. To change the jasperdb connection password in JasperReports Serveredit: In JasperReports Server 6.


Ireport – JasperServer: PostgreSQL error (Driver) – Stack Overflow

At any time through the UI. If you have not yet obtained the driver, click the link to Jaspersoft ‘s community website for Downloading and Installing Database Drivers. In some cases, this can cause problems when trying to test and save data adapters.

This article is intended to assist in troubleshooting some common issues when setting up JasperServer Data Sources.

To verify that you can connect to the target remote PostgreSQL from the local installation machine: The exact cause of the error can be deduced by the stack trace available in the exception dialog box.

Log on as the system administrator superuser on commercial editions, jasperadmin on community editions.

That page has links to the most commonly used JDBC drivers. To update a driver that has already been installed, select it from the list, then click Edit Driver.

You have two options: Click Upload to install the driver and make it available immediately. As Jaspersoft Studio uses its own class loader, it’s enough add the ojdbc Right click the GlobalPropertiesList resource and select Edit from the context menu. Log on as the system administrator superuser on commercial editions, jasperadmin on community editions.


Click Remove beside the driver you want to remove. After you have inserted all the data, it is possible to verify the connection by clicking the Test button.

Only the system administrator can manage the JDBC drivers, but once they are uploaded, they are available to all administrators who create data sources. If, for instance, you would like to change the default poztgresql used by PostgreSQL from type jdbc4 to jdbc3, you can make the following changes:. You will need it on the next step. It is typical that these vendors will require you to register and login to their website before you can download driver packages.

Choose an alternate port if is in use. For open posggresql JDBC drivers, buildomatic is setup so that there will be a single default driver used.

Email Required, but never shown. HiveDriver Drivers for other databases can be downloaded from links on the Jaspersoft community website: