I can get a connection, but the connection immediately drops when the device is destroyed. At the moment we still have a bit of a con regarding some Huawei USB modems although not as bad as previously. Second attempt without success log5a. I will then post back and let everyone know: Yesterday I’ll get online with the Huawei dongle.

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I never posted a dmesg, lsusb etc, because they were all perfectly normal. I am not running Andy’s build nor have I applied your patch: It has a working hwactivator, and a nice ubunyu – now all I need to do is to get it e1962 use my speakers and mic to do voice calls, as it seems to support them.

But do that kernel contain the proposed fix? I actually have found the e to work.

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. The E bug report contains a link to an E firmware in comment I post Logs with old kernel 2. So far it’s working like a charm.

I have reinstalled vmc, ozerocdoff and usb-modeswitch many times, and every available version, with no effect. Like that it always works, reliably.

Last Drivers  HP P4515X DRIVER

I am hopeful that the kernel currently in Karmic-proposed will fix this. I don’t have the modeswitch installed – should that be installed in general for the mobile internet sticks to make them work correctly? I tested kernel 2.

Will abandon Ubuntu for now. PCI bridge, secondary hawei I saw some comments saying that the E problem also occurs with E Also see comments and this bug.

[ubuntu-it] Problema con Huawei E1692

I can connect to MTS Russia successfully. Please also include which kernel version you are using, both in 9. This would be helpful for people who don’t have access to other connections where something like running online updates becomes impossible without getting the E11692 to work.

The ttyUSB devices are created then torn down every few seconds. I also know that upgrading a kernel to archive so close to release hhuawei not a good idea. I found out what’s wrong!

It could even be a trojan, or contain a virus.

Huawei E On Linux HOWTO

As from tomorrow, I will loose access to a wireless connection again. The debs will install singly with Gdebi, but whatever package manager you use will offer to update usb-modeswitch to a later version, which seems to be ok to allow. Amazed that this hasn’t been solved yet: Surprise – the firmware update changed nothing in the behaviour with karmic, still broken.


Maybe I should switch to working system, 9. I can actually open the disk in Nautilus and browse the content. And I also created a new mobile broadband entry even for my last tests I wrote earlier. I click on ‘Drei’.

I found this huadei fix Run the following command at the console, prior to plugging in the modem to the USB slot. Please test kernel 2. A pretty poor outcome, given Ben’s patch has been ‘committed’ for two weeks. I already plan to go away from Linux to Windows and I think that there will be thousands of people which will do the same!