The pen is very nice to use; it is worlds better than trying to clumsily draw with a mouse, as it is much more natural. There are no ads on this page, and there never will be. As an aside, mouse units are actually called “Mickey’s”, but I’m not sure what you’d called pen units. The only problem we had with it was that scrolling would not work when browsing web sites with frames. Using a mouse on a tablet takes some getting used to, but we got the hang of it very quickly. Shake well before serving. It sports a good software bundle, is easy to set up and use, and offers a high degree of customization.

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For example, you might think that as you move the pen slowly across the tablet you would see numbers like, You’ll get your Mac news here from now on However, some users will definitely find this very tricky.

As an aside, mouse units are actually called “Mickey’s”, but I’m not sure what you’d called pen units. Contact And Other Information.

Wacom Graphire 4×5 Tablet Pen Mouse Photoshop Elements 8

People who bought this also bought. With the pen, this is plenty of resolution for pixel-accurate control on a x display.


This review was done with the 4. No portion of this site may be copied without express written consent. They were hiding a limitation of the tablet.

Wacom Graphire Graphics Tablet With Pen and Mouse

Software Browse the software section for over 17, Macintosh applications and software titles. Wacom’s stated spec of ” lines per inch” is about three times the real resolution of the tablet.

Using a mouse on a tablet takes some getting used to, but we got the hang of it very quickly. The Wacom Tablet control panel allows a high degree of customization, and has an intuitive and attractive tabbed interface to boot.

The mouse features two buttons, as well as a scrolling wheel that doubles as a third button, also programmable.

With the standard mouse settings I had only units worth of mouse resolution vertically for the entire screen. The mouse and pen freeze up when your computer is under heavy load startup, loading and closing programs Removing ggraphire, dodging and burning, selecting, masking, and any other tasks that require very precise pointer movements are significantly easier with the Wacom Graphire graphics tablet.

To remedy this, insert the Graphire CD and run the installer, which provides you with the Wacom control panel and documentation. Trending Price New.

Wacom Graphire Review

That will certainly change, thanks to Wacom’s affordable new pen and mouse set, dubbed Graphire. Luckily, this option is cheap. What actually comes in are the numbers, Vertical resolution appears to be about units which works out to about dpi. Skip to main content. You can create completely different setups graphiire different applications; this is handy for setting up graphics applications differently from grapgire word processor, for example.


December 22nd, Wacom Graphire. Freeze-ups, and poor response when the “ants are marching” are the only tarnish on this otherwise great product.

The cordless mouse and pen are excellent. Shake well before serving.

The Mac Observer–Review – Wacom’s Graphire Is A Great Tablet & An Excellent Value

That is, when you grapnire made a selection, or started a crop and the dotted rectangle is moving around your selection. Photoshop automatically recognizes the pen’s pressure sensitivity and you can set the pressure to control brush size and opacity. Podcast – Mac Geek Gab Show More Show Less. The larger the tablet, the further you have to reach to get to the menus and the tool palette.