Furthermore, it uses the older fashioned DIP-switches instead of a Bios-controlled setup. The two chips are identical, and the benefit of having two BIOS chips other than to boast that you have more BIOSes than your friends is that if one should fail, you always have a backup ready and waiting for you. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The Manual has got a very nice front and back cover but the contents are made up of recycled paper. Gigabyte BX Revision 1.

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The ATX power supply connector is carefully tucked away on the very edge of the PCB, making sure it doesn’t interfere with gigagyte installation or cooling of any components on the motherboard.

bx2000 Now this seems outdated for a brand new board. And AOpen made it known to the world that if you want a well rounded motherboard, their high quality products would be an unmatchable force in the industry.

The new Dual-Bios feature will really be treasured by important office-PCs with little down-time to spare as gigabhte as end-users like us who aren’t keen in overclocking but would like to spend on safety and reliability of their system.

Very handy for those unlucky times! Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star.

GA-BX | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Global

You cannot have this feature to work successfully unless you follow the given instructions in the manual to setup the feature. Gigabyte has a very well designed solution on their hands with the BX, and has definitely made a strong impression on AnandTech for the first Gigabyte motherboard ever reviewed on the site. So what is Gigabyte’s “unique” claim to fame with the BX?

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Therefore you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on the benchmarks you see here, but also on the technical features and advantages of this particular board, seeing as that will probably make the greatest difference in your overall experience. They’re steep demands, but it’s what’s necessary for survival in this industry.

Lack of proper FSB and voltage controls put this board out of the overclocking league. The dip-switch is an easily accessible area of the motherboard, and its possible settings are clearly documented on the motherboard directly above it. This is the System Information Viewer: Many people would dismiss the feature as unnecessary and as gimmicks to sell the product.

But give it some thought, it is a helpful setup.

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Windows 98 Motherboard Revision: Gigabyte, in turn, is working to get their name engraved in the minds of hardware enthusiasts world wide, what is their claim to fame? This board is an extremely stable board, excellent expansion with fast performance to boot!

Unfortunately, in a competitive world, Gigabyte’s dual BIOS solution isn’t going to cut it and the motherboard lacks a certain personality and the unique qualities that make the BX6s, the P2Bs, and the AX6BCs stand out in the industry. Remember that the failure to include any other ratios is not the fault of the motherboard manufacturer, as the AGP clock frequency is a function of the chipset. Windows 98 build 4. The other operands will enable ACPI support.

Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

Test Configuration Processor s: Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The performance is what we’ve come to expect from a well made motherboard, nothing to jump up and down about, yet nothing to bash the company for.


The available Gigabyts settings are very limited, 66, 75, viveo,Mhz and a maximum multiplier support of 8x. With the BX, just boot the PC, Main-Bios error message would be flashed and you can press the combination keys shown to access to the Dual-Bios management options This combination key is always shown and not only in such an emergency.

It can be quite helpful if you have an unusually quiet fan on your CPU and have difficulty telling whether or not the motherboard is powered up while debugging. It can also help prevent you from accidentally installing a memory module, peripheral, or even worse, ggiabyte processor it has happened while the motherboard is receiving power.

Gigabyte definitely has a solid motherboard on their hands with the BX, but is that enough? Besides manufacturers coming up with more Soft-Bios look-alike of Abit’s and introducing voltage controls, nothing new has really come up in the BX arena. Although it’s labeled, it’s hard to see them within the case in one small corner.

In recent times, choosing a motherboard cannot be completely determined by a Winstone score. When it comes to the biggest names in the motherboard industry, on the OEM side of things, Intel dominates in terms of sales.