Board index All times are UTC. Next step will be to build a qemu kernel for our ARM cpu that will allow us to run this Linux on a qemu emulator. Now that we have the base operating system in, we will need to do some file configuration by hand to get the peripherals working. An unofficial bootable bit Gentoo image for the RPi3 is also available; please see below for further details. I believe the image will also be available shortly via PINN, courtesy of procount.

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Now that we have an working disk image we should mount its partitions as local mount points where we are going to deploy Gentoo’s files: We need to transfer the kernel modules too, so just copy the folder. Instead, only the bare minimum setup from outside the chroot is covered. Until you have a arm64 kernel, you can’t boot it in bit mode.

I went to edit gentlo files and find li keyboard is set to UK Lucky that can be changed from Desktop setting manager as it makes it easier to edit the rest of the files. It will take a while for the cross toolchain to be successfully built.


The firmware ebuild created a file called cmdline. For 10 seconds it seems much longer you should see the GPU ‘Rainbow’ test pattern, then the familiar boot messages. My touch screen is a 5″ x cheap-o from ebay, and if you don’t have one I suggest you get one! Warning Nothing has been written to the microSD card yet.

Found the CPU freq applet this morning.

At this stage, the timezone that was set before in the Configure time zone section should be used. I’m dancing on Rainbows. The Arch Wiki tells us that the Raspberry Pi has a hardware random number generator. This document contains notes about getting Funtoo Linux up-and-running on the Raspberry Pi. With absolutely no fanfare at all, bit support was added to this kernel tree late in This step is not actually needed to boot the Pi but emerge won’t work without it.

A lot of things in the tool chain will be out of date with what is on the current Portage tree.

Do get it right – Don’t ruin your PC install. Download appropriate Stage 3 tarball. The X11 is running Mesa recompiled for Aarch I did notice the browser is written in Rust which means Neddyseagoon? Few weeks ago I received my long awaited Raspberry Pi board. The date still needs gfntoo be set beforehand to install any package, or in the compiling phase there could be warnings about clock skew.


Gentoo on Raspberry Pi

Go grab a coffee! Warning The stage 3 tarball has been built with gcc Notice the two bcmrpib. Raspberries are not Apples or Oranges. They are a part of the kernel on all arm systems. Its a little chicken and egg. Er lots, got past 30 tabs and lost count Hmm, Rust only 1. vidwo

media-video/raspberrypi-omxplayer – Gentoo Packages

A lot of work by a lot of gentoo has almost brought a bit Gentoo install on the Pi 3 down to almost a standard handbook install. If you plan to only access your Pi via SSH, you’ll need at least networking on startup, which requires either net.

Allowing login with a blank password for the root user. This means Gentoo can be installed quickly onto a Raspberry Pi. I thought that maybe it’s something about my system so I’ve tried to install a a fresh copy of Rasspberry on a virtual machine, of course: The Gentoo arm64 offering is experimental at the time of writing.