The selling point of this motherboard is it’s Dual-Bios function. BX The default value is Disabled. If the message disappears before you respond and you still wish to. Power management setup This setup page includes all the items of Green function features. Not very comforting to the already hot AGP cards we have these days. The “state” is stored in memory RAM before the system goes to sleep.

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Enabled Enable monitor Floppy Disk for Green event. Besides manufacturers coming up with more Soft-Bios look-alike of Abit’s and introducing voltage controls, nothing new has really come up in the BX arena. The other operands will enable ACPI support.

Very rarely do you hear names such as Freetech and FYI mentioned all over the net, however another name that is not frequently associated among the most popular of manufacturers is in fact a very well known company named Gigabyte. Something a bit obscure actually Gigabyte also provides the user with another safety net, CPU Over Voltage Protect, basically a feature that makes sure you don’t nuke your processor by supplying it with too high of a Voltage setting.

You may also restart by. Enable software APM function. Area Tested C 66×6 C x4. Disabled Disable onboard 1st channel IDE port. Clock Spread Spectrum The default value is Disabled. The default value is Auto. It can be quite helpful if you have an unusually quiet fan on your CPU and have difficulty telling whether or not the motherboard is powered up while debugging.


Many people would dismiss the feature as unnecessary and as gimmicks to sell the product. The main thing is to install the Windows98 using “D: Gigabyte definitely has a solid motherboard on their hands with the BX, but is that enough? Serial Port The default value is Enabled.

Fastest CPU on a GA-BX M-Board?

I shall explain these features in another Paragraph. This type of information is stored in battery. We’ll discuss more of this further down. However if you ask a hardware enthusiast what company will be making their next motherboard, chances are that you won’t be hearing anyone give you the name Intel as an answer.

nx2000 Enabled For slow speed ISA device in system. My only gripe is that this outstanding-feature’s operation is not documented in the Manual. Soft switch ON 4sec. Disable software APM function. The “state” is stored in memory RAM before the system goes to sleep. Page of 36 Go.

Floppy Disk The default value is Enabled. When recovering from STR S3 sleep mode, the system is able, in just a few seconds, to retrieve the last “state” of the system before it went to sleep and recover to that state.


Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

This board is an extremely stable board, excellent expansion with fast performance to boot! Bc2000 that the failure to include any other ratios is not the fault of the motherboard manufacturer, as the AGP clock frequency is a function of the chipset. Unfortunately, in AnandTech’s MB xb2000 module compatibility testing, the BX failed to boot with even a single MB module, just something you may want to keep in mind. During STR sleep mode, your system uses only enough energy to maintain critical information and system functions, primarily the system state and the ability to recognize various “wake up” triggers or signal, respectively.

And AOpen made it known to the world that if you want a well rounded motherboard, their high quality products would be an unmatchable force in the industry. Log in Don’t have an account? Test B2x000 Processor s: