For Bulldozer to come out this way I know we all want AMD to really outperform Intel, but then we can’t go badmouthing their products when they don’t excel, but “merely” deliver. So, if they have improved Piledriver to a decent degree over Bulldozer, and have been able to decrease TDP per clock, then it could still end up being decent. April 9, I had high hopes for this CPU, so I am a little disappointed with it’s performance I really thought the higher clock speed would give it an edge. Still as you mentioned the chance is next to none since their production is in full swing with the Bulldozer and soon to be Piledriver.

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AMD FX-6200 Six-Core

Some of the forum participants were able to significantly improve the performance and mitigate some of the increased power consumption via improved cooling of the CPU versus the stock cooler. The results were fascinating fd6200 me when I was running all of the tests.

So, if they have improved Piledriver to a decent degree over Bulldozer, and have been able to decrease TDP per clock, then it could still end up being decent. Also, going back to die size, the FX and FX dwarf the smaller, cooler, and more efficient Intel products. Any Condition Any Condition.

Success of any overclock is not guaranteed and the choice of motherboard will also directly affect the ability of the chip to reach fd6200 speeds. Additional Product Features Product Type.


October 12, This item doesn’t belong on this page. I have no clue on that particular timeline Do you have any tips for cx6200 writers? I just purchased this processor and it really is a good processor currently OCed at 4.

I meant to ask previously I finally was able to grasp where some of the bottlenecks were for Bulldozer and what some of its issues are. I’m hoping to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything.

I got to see an engineering sample of Trinity APU. The introduction of the first Llano products did not help things. There may have been some minor changes along the way, fx600 they would have more to do with manufacturing rather than any kind of base silicon or extreme metal layer change. rx6200

AMD Black Edition AMD FX / GHz processor Specs – CNET

Even though the processor had a maximum Turbo Core of fx62000. I’m going to invest in Intel’s Ivy F6x200 haven’t upgraded since ! Also a die shrink would provide improved thermals, possibly more OC headroom, ect. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? The retail package comes with a pretty hefty heatsink and fan combination that should be able to handle the extra thermal load that the watt CPU provides.


The die size of Bulldozer is approximately mm square, which is not far from the mm square of the T. I like electronics, and if they pay me, I would like to help AMD with this issue and innovative ideas.

One thing missing in the above review is its performance ffx6200 a higer-end cooler installed. The top end FX was competitive with the previous Phenom II X6 T, but it paled in comparison to the Intel i7 which was right around the same price range.

PassMark – AMD FX Six-Core – Price performance comparison

It really was a tremendous product for AMD in While Bulldozer is not stellar, it does compete more or less in it’s price point. I’m not very sure the automatic design has anything to do with the lack of performance. My dislike of Intel goes back to the Pentium 90 I owned that couldn’t even do math, we were later to find out.

Apple’s special sauce, the A12X SoC.

Intel Core i – 3. There does however appear to be plenty of headroom for overclocking which can’t all be bad. Have you ever heard Audeze headphones before?