How can I load cards in the printer? Which ribbon should I use to print double-sided? Please note that no tests have been conducted with IA64 processor. Dualys 3 Windows driver v. Contact our training team Need help? All Evolis ribbons can be used for dual-sided printing.

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How can I install and configure a ribbon? The monochrome ribbons — can print up dhalys cards for a maximum printing area of 70 mm per card. International expertise A focus on international sales that makes Evolis what it is today.

Drivers & Support | Evolis

Versatility Evolis’ flexible solutions to respond to our customers’ needs. Dualys2 – Evolos to clean the printhead? The warranty conditions are detailed in a paper document that is provided with Evolis printers, and are also displayed on the second screen of the driver setup wizard.

Contact your Evolis distributor to have an activation code.

If you upgrade an Evolis Dualys V2 with the Dualys 2 firmware located above, the flip-over module must be also upgraded with the Dualys V2 Flip firmware.


Contact our support team. How do I clean the printer interior? If the problem persists even after checking out these points, please contact your Evolis reseller or distributor. Each print head has a specific part number.

Has the printing job been correctly sent to the printer? If you still have the same glitch even after following these points, please contact your Evolis reseller or distributor. Dualys 2 Firmware – v. For color printings, the following dhalys are available: All Evolis ribbons can be used for dual-sided printing.

Which ribbon should I use to print double-sided? Dualys3 – How to install a ribbon? User Guide User Guide Dualys 3. Dualys 3 quick operating guide.

It is the same used for Quantum 2. Does Evolis printers support print head from other models? A driver is software used to communicate with the printer through the computer in order to manage ribbon choice, print intensity, contrast, insertion modes, magnetic settings, dualyys settings, etc.

Drivers for Dualys 2

Innovation Evolis’ great ability to innovate as a key success factor. Contact our support team. What can I do? What are the driver settings for double-sided printing? Quality The recognized quality and reliability of our products and services.


Software cardPresso- How can I upgrade my edition of cardPresso? Is there a programming guide available?

Evolis Dualys 2 Printer with magstripe encoder – DEMO UNIT – (EIU) – Aptika

I have a white margin on the edge s of the printed card. Where can I find drivers? What should I do? For mechanic, adjustment and also warranty reasons, the print head of the other evolix previous ranges are not compatible with the other Evolis printers.

Dualys2 – How to print a test card.

The dimensions of the card that will be used with the Evolis printer must be strictly respected.