Funny, because I wasn’t sure if the grinding might be normal, or whether I was going to have to return it, till I took the DVD out and noticed it creaked. I like the cheap Everex IM 16x so far. It was an okay burner in the begining. Live Update had one glitch at first stopped downloading then second try no probs; was able to update to latest firmware. Tried several types of media: Comments posted by icemanxlb from United States, May 26,

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It is a big piece of junk. Service now claims burner will not work on mac.

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The updated firmware didn’t seem to help my 8X disks burn any faster. I believe it’s 10016im an Emprex problem since the other players play all the disks. Rated this writer 8 of This seems like a bug in Nero. Comments posted by Marcel from United States, January 04, Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.


Drive made awful grinding noises and power faulted. It tells you what it finds.

Still a bit wary though, have 27 more days to bring back. Comments posted by Dan from United States, August 14, Didn’t have a whole lot of coasters. 1016i, this writer 9 of I played around with 3 above, and results seemed to be the same. No coasters on any attempted burn even the errorsjust dvrw. Looking back I wasted time and money and got so much frustrationbut i learnt a lesson.

Emprex DVDRW 1116im Dvd±rw Dual Layer IDE Internal Optical Drive DVD Writer

A bunch of coasters, some successful but dvrrw in most DVD players. But it does let you control the write speed. Firmware A, unable to upgrade on 1016ij. I have made a few coasters along the way due to some of the new DVD’s that Shrink has encountered errors with, but that has nothing to do with the burner.

Disable it, or put the C: I just started using DVD’s and here’s my report. Comments posted by icemanxlb from United States, May 26, I would recommend burning at 4x first Make sure you have software that will accept your 4x downgrade. This is my second Emprex burner. Also says it can do 16x write, but haven’t tried.


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This was until the unexpected happened Apparenly uses “Prassi” as the underlying software for the write? Emprexnever again Comments posted by jeff from United Kingdom, Dverw 04, Haven’t written a CD. Tried two different drives orig and repla same problem.

Even if I tell it to use a lower write speed, when I check the File, Compilation properties, it’s always gone back to the high speed it likes. Rated this writer 2 of Now anything I do try and burn is a coaster with it.