If that is the case then how does the Linked Server issue necessary. You can’t vote in polls. General Forum Members Points: Default Fetch Size – This value is the size in bytes used by the driver to fetch multiple rows from the server. It reduces network requests resulting in performance gains. Welsh Corgi Posted 8 years ago

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I belive the problem is with the Catalog parameter, but I don’t know what that would be for a Ctree database. You can’t upload attachments. You can’t edit your own topics. You can’t delete other events. If that is the case then how does the Linked Server issue necessary. I think I need to provide a specific value for the catalog, but Cttee don’t know what that is for ctree.

The following entries can be used to configure the SSL connection: The driver uses those values if the application does not supply them in the call. Do you have any manuals? If empty, sqlnw is used.


odbf You can’t edit HTML code. Options – Enter any optional parameters to be included in the connect string. The Data Source Dialog box reappears, and now includes the newly-added data source.

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You can’t delete other topics. Fill in the dialog box fields as shown in the following figure and choose OK.

For better, quicker answers on T-SQL questions, click on the following If you have any of the Microsoft Admin Books, they describe the process. You can’t edit other topics.

You can’t post new topics.

You can leave these fields blank if crtee want the driver to use the defaults on the server. The problem seems to be specific to the ctree database. General Forum Members Points: Please let me know what, if any documentation that you have and if you can’t find the solution ;et me know. You can’t delete your own events.


You can’t post events. I had some better links but I lost them see below You can read topics. Thanks for the info. You can’t edit your own posts.

C-tree Faircom driver | Qlik Community

Daily SQL Articles by email:. You can download attachments. After I link the ctree database, it show in the list of linked servers with the ‘Catalog’ and ‘System Catalogs’ listed below it, but no ‘Default’ node that would have the ctree tables listed.

INI file, the attribute is: You can’t delete your own posts. You can’t post or upload images. You can’t post topic replies. You can’t send private messages.