Correct Answers – 10 points. Something similar to how my video capturing device is doing H. I though the same. English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese. April 20, , It’s been a long time since I’ve used sound Blaster cards, I use to use the AWE 32 and later soundblaster Lives in gigging boxes as samplers, and as I remember it I think they behaved the same way.

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Even though it contradicts everything I’ve said above, cteative is a situation where asio4all is very useful! Instantly after reconnecting everything, I realized audio coming from Spark using ASIO has much more definition, should I say clearer, plus all other Windows sounds on the desktop as well as inside the browser, like for example YouTube videosstarted working in perfect harmony. People like you make these forums worth spending time in and visiting them.

To be honest I don’t think it will make any difference what bit-rate, but give it a try.

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I cannot record or do anything. I used them for a few years but it was a long time ago.


I’m sure I’ll get a question about my hardware so: There must be something somewhere in settings to change this behavior. Now I can’t get sound from Asio4all maybe because it will not accept my mic input? Correct Answers – 10 points. For more details, read the rest of x-f web release note. Well, several things to try.

April 15, Kosmology Beta-testers Full Member Posts: I guessed it right I seem to remember there were some issues with these processors when running AA3 without the patch. I used to have that card too.

Have you looked at the KX Project? Don’t forget you have separate menus for this for Edit View and Multitrack View depending where you’re recording–there are selection tabs at the top of the Audio Hardware Setup screen. I will try it as soon as I am home from asil. Close all other Windows applications. Wow, I just realized Creative Sound Blaster forums are full of angry customers crying and begging for driver updates.

Creaative Only Full Version. I think it’s probably at the hardware level that when the asio is in use it dedicates the cards resources to that. November 08, Unfortunatly, I’m having trouble getting sonar8.



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Double-click the downloaded file. Driver Firmware Application All. Smart Recorder manages and performs all your recording tasks easily. I finally solved it. Originally it was telling me that I would be using windows audio and so I switched to Asio drivers. Here is a screenshot with this speaker settings panel and available options I’ve done x-ti job since I had to connect to my home machine from work remotely.