Some may be pretty obscure. If you suspect that corrupt install files may be the cause: Try to run the game again and see if you get any errors. View Edward’s IP Address. If all that didnt work, some advanced additional steps can be followed here: Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Take Survey No, Thanks. Maybe it would be something simple.

Although a clunky fix, it lets me play. Graphics drivers updated as well But when Andy still active is in the systemtray i get get this message.

I have logitech Gaming software and it works just fine. PunkBuster kicked player ‘ShotInfernius’ for 0 minutes No, that doesn’t help you actually complete the fix, you need to read Kilroy’s post for more detail. After pcsvc installs, click the “test” option to check the punk buster install you just did. I thought I’d been kicked punbuster my a-hole jet piloting Using the F35’s engine on vertical to gun infantry but turned out to be something else, quite possibly Andy if you lot are suffering from it.


Log in or Sign up. How do you get pnkbstrA. I often get kicked for “Punkbuster heartbeat stopped”.

Disallowed Program/Driver [89359]

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Well I’m also having the same problems as most of you are, I get the ” Restriction: I’m pretty confident that it is something everyone is running but that we don’t think about that is causing it, like the driver for my Razor gaming mouse, which has macros for the 14 or so buttons on it.

BF2 installation and in-game issues. Zombies Games Plants vs. I haven’t been able to finish a round tonight. If this helps,pleas click the white XP button and add some XP to me If this solves your question,click disalloaed green solution button and mark it as solution so it can help proggram with the same problem. I’ve been getting this several times a day since the patch.

Make sure you let it run through at least 2 passes on your memory.

RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [] – Answer HQ

The last days its good now when i exit Andy in the system tray. The ‘duct tape’ fix is described at http: Looks like ATT is not the only program effected by this.


I have Steam running when I play and I don’t get kicked. And does anyone have a clue as to why PB is now all of a sudden kicking you for using a video card overclocking programs???????

Make sure it comes back “all green” 6. So, I just got this as well and I’ve Andy installed.

Punk Buster kicks ATT w/restriction disallowed program driver 128017

It may or may not work for you. I have a logitech G with macro ability, i diwallowed have a Razer deathadder with macro ability, you wont get banned for using software for your hardware. I still get kicked. If you suspect that a virus or other Malware programs is effecting the files: Message 6 of 61 37, Views. Punkbuster Problems Punkbuster can cause problems for a huge range of reasons. Also, i have had Logitech keyboards with macro ability since BF2, proogram wont be banned for using their software.

Joining the game – no lag at all so far.