These speakers are basically indestructible now. This thread comes pretty high when googling so I thought maybe I add the Altec specs. Originally Posted by robertbartsch. Results 1 to 9 of 9. DigMe , Jun 6,

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Parts Express has plenty of compression drivers. Take care, and God Bless!

Discussion in ‘ DIY ‘ started by spwathJan 8, I think that, for now, I’ll just leave both sets of horns where they are, and when time presents, will have some fun with them, just for grins.

As you can tell, too big altfc my space, I am about 3 feet from my speakers, but perfect for our college apartment. The bass may not be present due to my tiny 10×10 room.

Altec Lansing H-811b 811 B Horn

I realize, now, that this, too, was probably an effort to dampen any ringing coming from the horns. Nov 17, Likes Received: Darren GJun 9, Compression drivers don’t look cheap. Much appreciated, and God Bless! Aug 4, Likes Received: Dec 13, Likes Received: Thanks, again, and God Bless!


Looks like the don’t go too low, nvm Any other suggestions?

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Altec B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System | Page 9 | Super Best Audio Friends

Thad E Ginathom likes this. Nov 17, Likes Received: The only thing that can never be taken away from you, is your altef. I haven’t upgraded, but they’ve given me many years of great service. Plus those drivers are made Europe, and in particular Italy, alrec real instruments are played in every home.

Back when I used the cabinets, and horns, for home stereo, I was amazed at how “live” my music seemed!

Altec B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System | Super Best Audio Friends

Hi, Tom and Robert, Your comments were really what I was seeking. You gonna start a DJ business?

This thread comes pretty high when googling so I thought maybe I add the Altec specs. Yes, my password is: So, I’m going to start working on an altec B system. Crossing higher, orI hear no difference between s and s.


No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: For compression horns your FR extension is limited more by the horn itself then the driver. You can also do what Altec did on later s where they didn’t weld zltec joints in the vanes but instead filled the gap with some kind of rubber.

Sep 28, Likes Received: CspirouJun 6, Measure the woofer at full range without the crossover.