My Alpha-bid cable kinda works but won’t report anything, just runs and never stops. I’ve blown many hours on this issue, and nothing. Last post by DneprDave. The time now is So its worthless unless all you want to do is read codes and erase them.

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Seems to flash the cheap cable and makes it useless. Alpha-bid vag-com cable Hello I bought one of the alpha-bid cables off e-bay and downloaded the the free version of vag-com off the web site.

But, I like to learn about this stuff and many out there can’t afford the ross-tech cable so it behooves us to try to get those folks up and running with these less expensive alternatives. My Alpha-bid cable kinda works but won’t report anything, just runs and never stops.


When the port test passes, everything seems to work fine. If you skip a step, you’re doomed.

VAG-COM cable software/driver combinations

I was using the V I can swing by with my laptop sometime if you like. If someone from alpha-bid or related could respond on this, that sure would be helpful. Are you a newbie new to the forums. Send a private message hid woods4.

more info obd2

I will hit you up when i get home from work. The time now is I would love answers to those questions. Codes can only be cleared if the problem that caused the issue is corrected. Rebooted and it was fine.

VAG-COM Help, Version S Needed for Alpha-Bid Cable

I can find it for you, but it’s much easier to just use vcd-lite. If you use Don’t do the cheap ebay route. You must make two posts Come on buy the right thing from the company. I do plan to buy the real McCoy when Santa comes to visit.


Is yours serial to OBD2?

I could never figure the cheap ones out. Add Thread to del. In case 2, you are using software that’s looking for a serial port and serial port driver. I guess the big question is whether one configuration or the other is more stable and communicates more reliably.

I must have deleted it when I purchased the license. Cleaning engine bay to I was able to locate bud the faults and fix them.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. I tried both of your combinations on my Vista laptop and I got nuthin either way. That is what happens when you don’t get the cable from Ross-tech.