This will also allow users to configure any additional buttons. To further expand its functionality, the vertical scrolling wheel was exclusively designed as a programmable button. So often recently tech companies have become so very difficult to deal with and unresponsive. You, on the other hand have exceeded my expectations. Best mouse I ever had and I’ve had a few.. I just got it today and within a few minutes I realized all the functions it has. Kind regards from Austria”.

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Thank you very much for this great product! I also purchased one more WOP on July 22nd, Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4. I’m gonna buy hardware periphery ONLY from you!!! In case you want to apply this software, all you have to do is to make sure all computer characteristics are compatible such as operating system and bit architectureget the package, and extract it if necessary.

This is realy a great mouse. Download driver for Mac. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. The ‘Back’ button makes all the difference when navigating web pages, and the dual scroll wheels are great for moving down the page.

I’m a coder, and wooow, the two addi c a4tecu buttons are really great: However, bear in mind that other platforms might be compatible as well, but we do 55 recommend applying any release swwop operating systems other than the highlighted ones.


Download A4TECH Keyboard & Mouse drivers

This is an amazing invention with the smart look and design with 5 programmable buttons; Brilliant, guys! That second wheel is very helpful in MS Word or any kind of explorer.

This being said, if you wish to install this version, download and apply the package, and install it on the system. I’m working with 3D Studio MAX 6 and the side buttons have made my life a LOT easier – now I can atech, pan and move around in the 3d workspace without even reaching for the keyboard!

You really get addicted by those amazing side buttons! Download driver for PC. Thank you SO much for actually making a mouse to stand up to the beating of an extreme gamer 5558 myself, and for making it not only strong, but accurate enough for doing fine detail graphics.

Клавиатуры, мыши, комплекты A4Tech

Never thought about changing it nor if it will fail. It’s for who works day and night. Also check back with our website whenever possible, to stay up to date with latest releases. I’ve gotten used to it so much, that I carry my mouse around every time I have to work on some different computer.

To further expand its functionality, the vertical scrolling wheel was exclusively designed as a programmable button. If a4tfch appropriate mouse software is applied, systems will have the ability to properly recognize and make use of all the available features.


Sometimes, when I am working on other machine with one-wheel mouse, my finger instinctive 58 to second wheel position and then comes disappointment. Copyright A4Tech Co. If you forgot to do this part, your driver may not be able to install correctly and successfully later – After the previous driver has been a4ech, open the downloaded file.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Noiseless Comfort Wheel iWheelWorks Program A4 Tech’s Exclusive Software, innovatively designed to customize virtually all mice functions, tailors just the perfect mouse for its user s. I just got it today and within a4tch few minutes I realized all the functions swopp has.

Dan’s Data “It works on pretty much any surface that isn’t translucent, transparent or reflective, and it never needs cleaning. You are my favourite company! It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. I have used it so much.

I can honestly say that you have a customer for life, as long as my next mouse can take the same beating that this one has. Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse.